Whether it’s for an end of lease clean or indeed, cleaning for any reason, a professional cleaning service can transform your property. Work pressures mean we tend to work longer hours than ever, and in such busy lives, a cleaning service is often no longer a luxury, but essential. The skill, knowledge and equipment provided by a professional service ensure that your property will be as clean as it has ever been, but as with any service, not all cleaning services are the same. So, with so much choice, how do you choose the best cleaning service for your needs and make sure that you get the cleaning you want?

There are a few things to consider when deciding on the service, each is important, and will lead you to the perfect solution for your situation.

Hiring a business or an individual

The first decision to make is the kind of cleaning service you need. There are two choices, the professional cleaning company, or the individual cleaner selling their services. The individual cleaner can seem like a good option, especially if you are on a budget, however with everything reliant on a single person, any setbacks can mean no service at all, and if you have any issues with the service, there is no customer support or management to go to for assistance, it’s between you and the cleaner.

In contrast, a professional cleaning company provides peace of mind, with a number of staff available, you get the peace of mind that whatever happens, they will get your cleaning done. Good professional cleaning companies also have management and complaints processes in place, so that if you do have an issue, there is a way to address them properly. In addition, the company carries all insurances and uses appropriate equipment and safety gear.

In general, a cleaning company will provide a more complete service, and for most situations will be the one to choose.


Assessing a cleaning company

Its tempting to look for a cleaning company, find the one with the cheapest rates and just go for it. But that is not always the best way to get a good deal. The lowest cost is not always the lowest value, it is balancing what you get for your money, and the overall cost, that really gets you the best value service.

With this in mind, there are several questions you should ask any cleaning company to understand what your money gets you.

  • Are you insured?
  • Are your cleaners security checked?
  • What checks do you do to maintain quality of service?
  • Do you guarantee your work?


Quality professional companies will have fully insured, police checked cleaners and systems in place to ensure you get the highest quality service every time, along with a guarantee of satisfaction. This matters when you are letting people into your property, but not only that, having all of these things marks a cleaning company out as a professional, established business, building trust.


The last thing to think about is experience. Now, a professional cleaning company should be used to cleaning you might think, but if you are looking for a particular service, such as bond cleaning sydney, then finding a cleaning company that are experienced bond cleaners, and who understand what is needed to ensure you get as much of your bond back as possible, can make all the difference.


Price is important, none of us ever want to pay more than we have to for anything, but the key to finding the best professional cleaning service for your needs is finding the best balance between quality of service and cost.