Bond Cleaning in Your City


Ensuring you get your bond back at the end of your lease is one of the things most renters are concerned with, and for good reason. There is no doubt that today, renting is an expensive business, and keeping costs under control means not losing your bond and ensuring the property is given back in the same state as you left it. That means avoiding damaging things during your tenancy, but also ensuring that everything is tidied and cleaned up as you leave.

That is where the bond cleaning service comes in, designed to get everything ready for inspection to ensure you get your bond back in full. Some people don’t know, but it’s actually a legal requirement for renters to clean the property as they leave, and your bond cleaning service will cover that legal requirement in full, so that you get your deposit back in full, whether it is an apartment, house or business unit.

A comprehensive bond clean service should cover the entire property, including high-quality, thorough cleaning of:

  • All cupboards throughout the property, inside, outside and the top!
  • Carpets
  • Extractor fans
  • Light fittings
  • Oven
  • Skirting boards
  • Vacuuming or mopping of all floors as appropriate
  • Window tracks
  • Windows both inside and outside


With such a thorough clean, your property will be sparkling, and this is where the Real Estate Condition Form comes into play. You may have forgotten about it, but this is the form you signed when you took possession, outlining the condition of each room individually, even down to the number of hooks in the wall. Both the real estate agent and you will have a copy of this, and this is the form that will be used to check the property when you leave.

While it may be tempting to make the time to do that clean yourself, the reality is this, by the time you have bought all the cleaning materials you would need, perhaps hired a carpet shampoo machine or other equipment, its often more cost effective to get professionals to do it all for you, especially when you take into account your time.

Not only that, life is busy these days, and more so when you are moving home, by using a professional bond cleaning service, you have the time for work and all the other things you need to fit into your schedule. With a professional service, you end up with the clean home that gets all of your bond back, and in the long run, that is definitely great value.